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The commute to work… how many of us enjoy the drive? Have you ever said “I wish my drive to work was an hour longer?” Believe it or not, I have, and not just once!

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the average commute to work in California takes 26.9 minutes. I’m sure that many would agree that majority of drivers listen to music or radio while driving to their destination. I was once one who filled my head with music that had no meaning to me nor did it impact my life positively, so I replaced it with something better that did, and in result I:

  • Became the most knowledgeable person in my field
  • Doubled my productivity
  • Enhanced my business acumen
  • Improved my self-esteem
  • Became more reputable to my clients

Anyone can duplicate the same strategy and get the same results.  The secret is Time Management & Self-Motivation!


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