A Business Idea = Only 1%

From Idea To Execution
With what we can easily access today such as the Internet, shows like the Shark Tank, and crowd-funding campaigns like kickstarter, we are exposed to many different business ideas that come out onto the surface. Some are innovative and some are terrible. Sometimes we even ask ourselves “why didn’t I think of that!”, and some have ideas and ask “how do I make my idea successful?”

Many of those who create a business idea fail to execute on it successfully, and a perfect example is what we see shared in the show Shark Tank. In most cases pride, ego, passion, and energy would influence a person in representing his/her idea hoping to bring the next big thing into the marketplace. One will defend his/her idea, especially when there are those who are against it for qualified or unqualified reasons. What strikes me sometimes is when there is a obvious and qualified reason to oppose a business idea and good feedback is given, some entrepreneurs let their pride and ego get in the way of accepting it, then using that feedback to execute a better plan.

What we have to understand is a idea is only a seed, and that seed is only 1% of the journey. How you measure the success of that journey will be how well it is executed, which accounts for the remaining 99%.

Share your thoughts and examples, and in the next post, we can break down the 99% of what execution represents.

Inspiring Success,

Mo Salem


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